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​Business Essentials I - Business Ideas

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The Zero To Paying Clients Masterclass:

Here's what we'll be covering in this value packed masterclass:

SECTION 1: Why Most Of What You've Learned About Online Business Is Plain Wrong & What To Do Instead

Why the standard method most gurus are getting you to follow to start your business is destined to leave you stuck, confused and overwhelmed.

How the 'alternative' 'blog building' method isn't any better - unless you like working for nothing for extended periods of time.

Special Circumstances Marketers and how to avoid them.

The costliest mistake you can make when starting a business and what to do instead

✸ The Money Three - All you actually need to start a business, tailored to you, as an individual.

✸ ​ACT- ​The process to follow to start your business with the lowest risk and highest chances of success in the online space.

SECTION 2 Business Ideas & Business Models

How to choose your business idea or niche.

The best business model for new online business owners.

The Leverage Ladder - how and when to use the different online business models to grow your revenue and importantly - NOT BREAK YOUR BUSINESS because you can and will do this if you try 'passive income' at the wrong time.

SECTION 3 Your Inner Psychology & Success Blockers

The Identity Paradox - The real reason it's so damn hard to actually get started and how to take a different approach.

What fear of success and fear of failure are really about and how to reframe so you can move forward.

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​Test your business and niche ideas with this fun free online tool > The IDEA-O-METER

​​The Business Idea Starter Kit

​Work on narrowing down your idea or niche with this mini workbook > The Business Idea Starter Kit

"Cat is a visionary coach who helps her clients uncover their profitable business idea. With Cat’s help, you’ll be thinking bigger, getting into consistent action, and finally launching that successful business you’ve always dreamed of."

Selena Soo

Founder of S2 Groupe

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