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We've all heard of work satisfaction, but what about business satisfaction?

Meaningful work is not enough.

In order to achieve our goals we need to feel good on a day by day basis in our work and in our business.

 The Entrepreneurial Design Profile is that missing piece – how to start and run a business that fits your personality.

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Meet Cat LeBlanc

Cat LeBlanc

You want work and live on your own terms. 

Yet there appear to be so many pitfalls when starting your own business.

And let’s be honest, none of us were born knowing this stuff.

Just as we had to figure out the work world, we need to figure out the business world.

The best place to start is understanding yourself.

Knowing who you are and how you tick leads to starting (or growing) a business that is aligned with YOU.

That's where I come in.

I'm the creator of The Entrepreneurial Design Profile, Host of The Your Business, Your Rules Podcast and Author of the Your Business, Your Rules book.

My work centers around enabling you to be able to build the RIGHT business for you. 

This Entrepreneurial Design Profile is the starting point.

3 Ways Knowing Your Design Will Help You


Sometimes we feel that we should to be 'different' if we want to be successful. 

Maybe for you that's more bubbly, more charismatic, or maybe more focused.

But that's actually really not true.

Knowing your design give you permission to work with your personality rather than against it.


Many people start a business only to discover it doesn't actually feel good running it. 

Knowing your entrepreneurial design gives you insight on which type of business to start as well as how to run your business so it is aligned with your personality.


Your results will be broken down into 5 sections:

  • Your Brain Type.
  • Your Communication Type.
  • Your Direction Type.
  • Your Execution Type.
  • Your Focus Type.


These 5 types explain how you like to work best, which in turn enables you to work with your personality rather than against it in your new business.

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